Bulk Specialists


Buckeridge Transport specialises in bulk and bagged fertiliser cartage over the North Island.

Delivering on time every time for maximum efficiency for the customer either direct to the farm or fertiliser store.

We are capable of lifting 28-34 tonne of bulk or bagged product per load.

No job is too big or too small - call us today on 0800-114-471.


Buckeridge Transport carts timber all over the North Island from several sawmills either domestic timber into retail yards or export timber to the wharfs for all around the world.


Buckeridge Transport carts fertiliser and palm kernal to farms throughout the North Island. We also transport silage, baleage and hay from farm to farm for contractors.

We supply and deliver bark mulch, raw bark, sawdust, shavings and post peelings for feeding pads, calf sheds and horse stables.

Bark / Wood Chip

Buckeridge Transport specialise in the cartage of bark and woodchip throughout the Central and East Coast regions of the North Island.

Woodchips are transported to pulp mills and ports from various sawmills.

Raw bark is transported to processing plants where it is there turned into various grades of garden bark and fines where it is then transported direct to garden centres, nurseries, schools and play centres.