About Us


Buckeridge Transport operates a diverse modern fleet which specialise in the following areas:

  • Bulk & Bagged Fertiliser
  • Timber
  • Sawdust & Bark
  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Residues
  • Metal
  • Dry Freight & Palletised Products
  • Landscaping Supplies

We pride ourselves for being acknowledged as having quality and well maintained gear.

The company strives to maintain a high level of standard and efficiency with its growing customer base over the North Island.

Having operated for over 46 years the company recognises, values and appreciates the loyal customer base it has along with the solid relationships it holds with customers, service teams and finance providers.

All our units are High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMV) which have proven to benefit both suppliers & customers.

Buckeridge Transport actively works towards continually improving its Health & Safety/Compliance standards for its staff and customers by using specialist support agencies which keep us up to date with all employment and health & safety compliance. This ensures we meet the demands of the Health and Safety & Employment Acts. We are Site Safe New Zealand Inc Certified.

The company is also a member of the NZ Road Transport Association.


Simon Buckeridge (Director) is based at the depot where Dispatch, Fleet Operations & Customer Relations are his key role & focus.

Danielle Buckeridge (Director) is responsible for Creditors, Payroll, Financial Analysis, Health & Safety and Compliance.

Trevor is Transport Dispatcher working alongside Simon in Load Planning, Driver Dispatch & supporting Danielle with Compliance.

Julie our Office Administrator completes monthly debtors.

Twelve experienced drivers play a key role in the company all designated with their fleet truck.

The Dannevirke Ballance Consignment Store has been operating from the Buckeridge depot since 2020. Simon and Trevor manage the day to day running of the fertiliser store.

Bucko's Landscape Supplies are located at the depot offering a variety of products for your landscaping requirements.

Please visit our Photos tab for pictures of our Current Fleet & Gallery of History.  

Find us on Facebook where you will also see a selection of photos from us as well as the many photo contributors who take the same passion as us in capturing the fleet out and about in NZ.